Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guest article on Programming Praxis

I was excited to be asked to be the guest author for an article on one of my favorite programming blogs, Programming Praxis. If you're not familiar with the site, Programming Praxis provides weekly practice exercieses to "sharpen your saw" on. It was inspired in part by Project Euler, but the problems on Programming Praxis focus more on developing programming skills and usually require less advanced math than those on Project Euler.

To follow up earlier exercises on Calculating Pi and Logarithms, my article is on Calculating Sines using two different methods, the Taylor series and the Triple-angle formula. The sample solutions are written in Scheme, but readers are encouraged to submit solutions in any language they choose (see the HOWTO on posting source code to post your own solution). Since I'm still a relative newbie to Scheme (I'm currently still in chapter one of SICP), I'll be interested to see what alternate solutions you can come up with.

The article is also currently featured on Planet Scheme.

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