Saturday, June 26, 2010

Interesting Miscellany

Here are some of the links I've found interesting enough to tweet or retweet in that past several weeks.

Planck found in "Euler Identity" Crop Circle?!
Ten of the greatest: Math Puzzles
Russian math genius ignores $1 million Millennium Prize
A mathematician's clock...
werewolves and star wars: two exam questions

Science & Technology
Eyeborg bionic eye camera shows winks and all
Update on the diagnosis of the Voyager 2 data system - If you're in IT, this is the ultimate "Turn it off then back on again."

You don't need anyone's permission to get work experience in software.
Podcast interview with Donald Knuth. - This is a phone interview between Knuth and Larry Felton Johnson. They talk mostly about Literate Programming, but they also touch on TAOCP and a few other topics.

Random Statistics of the week
The LA Times reports that California welfare debit cards are accepted in over half of casinos in the state. Welfare recipients withdrew $1.8 million from casino ATMs between October 2009 and May 2010.

Finally, what I've been working on lately...
StackWrap4J, a Java wrapper for the recently released Stack Exchange API, has finally reached a semi-stable state. I teamed up with another prominent member of the Stack Overflow community, Justin 'jjnguy' Nelson, to work on this over the past couple of months and we've just released version 0.9. You can download it from the StackWrap4J project page on SourceForge. Please give us some feedback.

Now that the API is near stability, I should have more time soon to get back to SICP and my (ir)regular blogging schedule.

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