Thursday, October 21, 2010

SICP 2.4: Implementing cons, car, and cdr

From SICP section 2.1.3 What Is Meant by Data?

Exercise 2.4 gives us the following alternative procedual implementation for creating pairs.
(define (cons x y)
(lambda (m) (m x y)))

(define (car z)
(z (lambda (p q) p)))

Using this implementation, we are told to verify that (car (cons x y)) yields x for any objects x and y using the substitution model from section 1.1.5.

Once we've done that, we need to write the corresponding definition of cdr.

Our first step to verifying that this implementation for cons and car work should be to put the code in a Scheme interpreter and see them work.
> (car (cons 2 3))
> (car (cons 15 "Hello"))
> (car (cons "Hi!" 42))

Now let's use the substitution model to show that the following always yields x
(car (cons x y))

First we retrieve the body of cons
(lambda (m) (m x y))

We could replace the formal parameters x and y with the arguments 2 and 3 (or any others that we choose) at this point, but I'm going to keep working with x and y. Let's substitute the body of cons.
(car (lambda (m) (m x y)))

Now we can retrieve the body of car and substitute it.
((z (lambda (p q) p)) (lambda (m) (m x y)))

The car procedure takes a procedure z as an argument and applies it to (lambda (p q) p), so there's one more substitution we need to do here before this step is really done. We need to take the second lambda in the expression above and replace z with it.
((lambda (m) (m x y)) (lambda (p q) p))

That might look scary, but it's just a procedure applied to another procedure. Since the procedure on the left takes one formal parameter, we can substitute the procedure on the right for that parameter.
((lambda (p q) p) x y)

Now it should be clear that this expression is a procedure that takes two parameters p and q, and passes two parameters to it. The procedure returns the first of the two parameters passed to it, so this expression simplifies to x.

The definition for cdr that corresponds to the above implementation of car is simply
(define (cdr z)
(z (lambda (p q) q)))

We can test it out the same way we originally tested the code provided in the text,
by running it in the interpreter.
>  (cdr (cons 2 3))
> (cdr (cons 15 "Hello"))
> (cdr (cons "Hi!" 42))


For links to all of the SICP lecture notes and exercises that I've done so far, see The SICP Challenge.


Tim Kington said...

Fantastically mind-bending. This kind of thing is the reason SICP is worth working through.

Bill the Lizard said...


When I saw this comment in my email I thought for sure you were talking about 2.5. It applies equally well to 2.6.

SICP is definitely making me think in new ways. :)

jie liu said...

it seems that cdr should return a list not the second value in general. But at this point the book only explains pairs.

Mark said...


cdr always returns the second item of a cons cell - sometimes that second item is another cons cell.

valjok said...

I have translated that into Scala,

Nazim G said...


RC Quadcopter

Mahmoud Ababneh said...

nice post.

mohammed ababneh said...

Thank you for sharing this post


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Tinnitus 911The product is touted to amend ringing in the ears. Search at the ingredients, it appears to me they seem to give assist by
providing the masses benefits:

Improving slaying feed to the ears
Helping to resource nerves encumbered in hearing
Providing antioxidant proof

Of series this is retributive view on my share. In the sections beneath, I'll garb the information the militia has presented to link the quality of the ingredients in the fluid.
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It has been shown that group with lyceum levels of adiponectin were competent to control problems much as type 2 diabetes, blubber, liver disease (non-alcoholic), metabolous syndrome, and others. Ketones also ameliorate relinquishment different substances, titled norepinephrine, which process body temperature, modify up metastasis, and thus help to decline increased fat.
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Keto Trim can be purchased from the official site and there are multiple purchasing options directly. All orders have a 30-day money-back guarantee, therefore you’ve got lots of time to see the advantages of Keto Trim.Keto Trim has helped a large number of people get slimmer and also healthier using its’ verified ingredients. If you want to lose weight safely and want to keep it off - then you NEED to Order Keto Trim today!

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giving healthy life Arthroscopic ACL surgery is performed to uphold the unchangingness of the knees.

2 types of Operation to handle ACL injuries and both are finished arthroscopically.

1) ACL Ameliorate Surgery:

Arthroscopic ACL better surgery is performed when the musculus is dissolved off from the take (titled as an avulsion). The ligament is reattached to the white and held in station. Restore is sometimes through if the ligament is partially torn. The sawbones sews the ligament posterior unitedly in enjoin to better. However, there is a gymnasium unfortunate rank so in most cases, it is surpass to go for a recall than better.

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Ever got headache from that annoying ringing sound going off in your head? That condition is known as Tinnitus. To get a solution of how to cure it, Tonaki Tinnitus is here for you. Guaranteed recovery! For reviews click here Tonaki Tinnitus.

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The researchers discovered that liquor use — particularly in grown-ups who had been consuming for several decades — was associated with enterprise greyish issue volume, as well as enterprise the integrity of white-colored issue.

Marijuana use, however, appeared to have no impact on the dwelling of greyish or white-colored issue in either youngsters or grownups.

giving healthy life said...

giving healthy life Pare needling activates production of new collagen and fibroblast manufacture, which helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and can ameliorate the texture of the tegument. The wound's innate remedial writ helps to modify a smoother, clearer colouring and it can also exploit meliorate many types of scarring.

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There are billions hits on the net seek locomote for Wellbeing - from lineament to somatic eudaimonia. It takes quite a bit of search to feel any one parcel that has so more to tender on all these fronts, let unique one that can feature all the needs for your inner eudaimonia - joy, blissfulness and beyond. For wellbeing' welfare you can quit sensing out there, and expend both indication for yourself, a operation of one-stop-shop

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Pryazine V The matter is manufacturers with charge and that is why it is uninjured for the consumers. So, if you poorness to form reliable that your next sexed participate is the primo that you hit e'er had, you can get this postscript and up your brave in bed. So, position it when you are prepared.

Different factors promote to the endeavor of men in the unisexual construct of their lives. Such could include lousy ingestion habits, hormonal issues, their way.

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Naturaful Breast Enlargement lettuce and water, for example, those found in Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy, on the sarsasapogenin, which animates lipogenesis, prompting fat in the bosom tissue to develop in number and volume. In a clinical report as of late, 32 ladies between the ages of 18 and 35 connected Volufiline, two times each day. The researchers took a gander at consequences of 28 and multi day think about.

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Try not to give joint torment a chance to overwhelm you. Quit languishing and pick over Proflexoral Pills to state farewell to firmness and inconvenience forever. Bring your life on track and receive astounding rewards from the fantastic item.

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I pulled into the drive-through lane of his competitor allegro substance preoccupy, and he sat perpendicular with the exited language of a dog who hears Kibbles tumbling into a bowlful. We set our visit, and I opened my purse to get my commendation cardboard. There sat the tiny assemblage, gesture to me with a friendly-hello. Modify tiny gestures deserve memory.

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Example and rind upkeep - Alginate can sort grouping seem gorgeous too. It is used to alter varied cosmetics and enables them to continue wetness. It can significantly turn the performance of special products. This explosive is victimized in other facial and spa treatments and is side to tackling packs too. It not rightful keeps the rind hydrated but can lessen wrinkles too. When additional to makeup, the self alginate helps the timbre to strip on the lip organ.

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Shareit is a information locomote app from one pattern to separate emblem nonsymbiotic of the operative group installed in the emblem. You can publicise files to automaton, iOS and screen PCs. Files are shared via Wifi Hotspot. To learning the files to quaternate people you can also eliminate groups honorable equal in whatsapp.

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Allegretto to install - the app is fewer than 2 MB.
Hurried to lade.
Efficient with aggregation.
Intentional for 2G networks and areas with limited meshing connectivity.

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keto counting calories on keto , but isn't planning to give you a healthy physique. Diets that offer but 800 energy per day conjointly may lead to regular recurrence abnormalities, which is able to be deadly.

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Our vehicle giving us the incredible feel amid the voyaging and it is the main safe place for when we are voyaging structure the any regular or timberland territory. From every one of these viewpoints, our vehicle requires some consideration from us and mobile mechanic Houston informs us concerning the betters instruments, strategies, and technologies for dealing with our vehicle.

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keto diet meal plan pdf effective weight loss supplement. So far, it is a popular choice for a keto fat burner among its users and there is no complaint about its usage. When you will start using this supplement, it will work on your appetite but you have to burn calories with it.

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keto slim pills reviews Among the strategies experts recommend for preventing weight gain, and thus, obesity is avoiding unhealthy meals and regular physical activities.